19 December 2014

Canoe Club of Centre County

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The Canoe Club of Centre County is all about being on the water in central Pennsylvania. It’s about enjoying a relaxing trip on a lazy stream while watching the local wildlife. It’s about taking a thrilling trip down swift streams strewn with rocks and ledges. It’s about spending an afternoon with like-minded paddlers to share skills and knowledge about the scenic world of the myriad streams, rivers and lakes in Central PA.

Being a member of the Canoe Club of Centre County allows you to share your love of paddling, explore new waterways and try new techniques – all while in the presence of other paddlers.

Where to Find Things:

So, if you don’t already have one, find a comfortable life-jacket and a boat to fit your paddling style, and join us in our adventures.

To join the Canoe Club of Centre County, click here for a new membership application. If you are currently a member and need to pay your dues for the current year (January - December), you can pay via Paypal by clicking on the "My Account" button in the menu and following the instructions, or by going to "My Account" membership tab if you already have an account on this web page, or you can send your check ($20/household, $10 for a PSU student) payable to the CC of CC at PO Box 62, Lemont, PA 16851. Renewing members do not need to fill out the application form or liability waiver again unless you are setting up your account on this web site for the first time. New members (not members in the previous year) who join on September 1st or later will be members for the following year as well.


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