21 December 2014


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USGS Gauges for Local Streams

BALD EAGLE CREEK at Milesburg (-0.3' runnable with about 2 walks through brief shallows, but >0.2 is preferred, did at >2', 1,500 cfs, and we had big waves, very bouncy and flooded banks)
BALD EAGLE CREEK near Blanchard (3.6' needed, Gertler)
SPRING CREEK at Milesburg (Gertler listing is old, when dam was still in place, but says 3' is minimum)
SPRING CREEK near Axemann (2.6' needed before Bellefonte, but TMO to mouth is usually runnable anytime)
SPRING CREEK at Houserville (240 cfs needed, Gertler)
LITTLE JUNIATA at Spruce Creek (2.85' needed to start at Bellwood, 2.5' needed to start at Ironville, Gertler)
PENNS CREEK at Penns Creek (2.5' needed, Gertler)
FRANKSTOWN BRANCH of the Juniata River (5.1' needed from Claysburg, 3.4' needed from Reservoir Rd)
WEST BRANCH Susquehanna at Karthaus (2.1' needed, Gertler)
WEST BRANCH Susquehanna at Lock Haven (8.4' needed, Gertler)
PINE CREEK at Cedar Run (2' or 450 cfs needed from Ansonia to Blackwell; 2.2' or 600 cfs needed to paddle beyond Blackwell, Gertler; staff gauge at Blackwell bridge should be above 0.8')
PINE CREEK at Waterville (2.5' or 900 cfs needed from Blackwell, Gertler; staff gauge at Blackwll bridge should be about 1')
RAYSTOWN BRANCH of the Juniata, just below the dam (needed at 400 cfs per Gertler)
JUNIATA RIVER at Lewistown (Gertler uses this gauge for level needed upstream of Mt Union (3.1') - see Newport gauge for Lewistown paddling)
JUNIATA RIVER at Newport (3.5' needed beyond Mt Union, including Lewistown area, Gertler)
TUSCARORA CREEK near Port Royal (3.59' needed beyond Blairs Mills to mouth, Gertler)
Kishacoquillas Creek at Reedsville (4.7' needed, Gertler)
BEECH CREEK at Monument (7.5' needed from Walnut Rd, Gertler)
MARSH CREEK at Blanchard

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