Kayaking Made Easy Book Review


Kayaking Made Easy: A Manual for Beginners with Tips for the Experienced, 3rd ed., by Dennis Stuhaug

A Book Review by Roxanne Parrott

We have a small library devoted to paddling books and this is one of the ones that we find ourselves recommending to others. Here is why. The book includes topics such as descriptions of types of kayaks, including the common materials such as plastic and fiberglass. It guides the reader in making informed decisions about how to outfit a kayak, leading us, for example, to purchase spray skirts. The chapter about paddles is an excellent overview about what length of paddle and shape of paddle as well as weight adds to or takes away from the paddling experience. There are descriptions and drawings to lead you to get into your kayak, to understand why a kayak may feel tippy, to do wet exits, how to hold the paddle, and learning to do strokes. There is a chapter devoted to keeping your kayak going straight and an explanation of what ‘wearing your kayak’ means. We also like the chapter about taking kids kayaking. In short, if you are looking for a good resource to ‘go to’ for basics, we recommend this book.

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