Top 10 Reasons to belong to the Canoe Club of Centre County


Top 10 Reasons to belong to (and support with your membership dues) the Canoe Club of Centre County:

10. To be part of a network of paddlers – varied interests and skill levels – in our area!

9. To play a role in building a canoe club, here in Central Pennsylvania – by helping sponsor the necessary funds to start and run such a club.

8. To have an active voice in the shaping of this young club and advocacy on river recreation opportunities.

7. To be invited to upcoming movie nights! We have some wonderful titles lined up.

6. To take part in club-discounted activities, such as a rafting trip on the Ohiopyle.

5. To hang out at a picnic pavilion and converse with other paddlers with similar and different notions about paddling, conservation, gardening – you name it.

4. For the Canoeing 101 and Kayaking 101 sessions we plan to hold each year, and possible 201 sessions in the future as we continue to grow.

3. To attend the Demo Day and Splash events where you can try different types of boats and gear and get good advice before you spend your hard earned cash on these items.

2. Access to the listserv, where communication – setup shuttles, current water levels and stream conditions – between members takes place.

1. To be a part of an organization that offers a perfect opportunity to learn from others with more experience, and pass on your knowledge and love of paddling to those just getting started.

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