Paddling Divas on the Juniata


Paddling Diva’s

On a beautiful Saturday in August the Paddling Diva’s made their maiden voyage down the Juniata River. The morning started with everyone meeting at the Giant plaza parking lot in Lewistown. After trekking to the Giant’s restroom we were ready to go. Anticipation was high and we were all anxious to get on the water. For anyone who loves to be on the water I’m sure you can relate to that eager feeling we were experiencing about getting our kayaks into the water as soon as possible! We arrived at the Granville access area and unloaded our boats where we patiently waited for my husband and son who were going to shuttle our cars. After an hour I started worry. I made a few phone calls and found out that there was some miscommunication, so we jumped in our cars and went back to Lewistown, dropped off our cars and then went back to Granville. Finally we were on our way! The water on the Juniata River is very calm with only a few ripples along the way. Paddling along we noticed an abundance of tiny shells and river mussels. It was great to see the clear water teaming with life. The trip took about two hours and as we were nearing the end everyone was anticipating lunch. When we reached the Waterfront Tavern my husband and son were waiting to pamper the Diva’s by carrying our kayaks up to our cars and loading them for us! Thank you Bob and Garrett for making our day special!! We sat on the deck overlooking the river and enjoyed the scenery until our food arrived. The food was excellent; but what really made the day a great one was getting to know one another and sharing our love of kayaking. We all agree that we want to have another Paddling Diva trip. Hope to see you soon on the water!

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