Penns Creek

Sections and Distance: Coburn to Weikert  15.3; Coburn town park to Engleby 3 miles; Engleby to Poe Paddy State Park 3 miles; Poe Paddy State Park to Cherry Run 5 miles; Cherry Run To Weikert 4.3 miles

The stretch of Penns Creek from Coburn to Weikert is one of the most scenic in Central Pennsylvania. Penns Creek carves its way through the mountains of the Bald Eagle State Forest. The ridges tower above you and there are numerous views of distant mountain tops. There are swift sections and some fun minor rapids, numerous islands, and possible strainers.

If you have all day to paddle, start your paddling adventure at the town of Coburn at the confluence of Penns Creek and Pine Creek.  Paddle to the town of Weikert.  If you want a shorter paddle there are a number of options.

Penns Creek is a very popular trout fishing creek and you will encounter a variety of wildlife.  Deer, bear, mink, blue heron, eagles, kingfishers, and other wildlife are commonly sighted.

Be aware that this section of Penns Creek flows below the 2.5 foot level on the USGS gauge at Penns Creek and is very shallow; above 5.0 feet it is very swift.

Penns Creek, like many other streams, can change dramatically with the change in water levels.