Susquehanna Downriver Race 1989


What do you do with a 40 lb dog on a hot summer day when you want to paddle in a downriver canoe race?

This “historical event” occurred in June 1989 on the Susquehanna River, at Harrisburg, and was sponsored by the (then) twelve-year-old, 135-member Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg.

According to a June 12, 1989, article in The Patriot-News, the club had “members as far away as State College. It mentioned that “The first women’s boat over the line in the recreational division of the Susquehanna Downriver Race was manned by State College residents Karin Constant and Diana Dunn.”

The newspaper’s photographer was intrigued by our dog, Scamp, an enthusiastic canoeist and canoe camper. She had been found, barely weaned, on the Arizona desert, and canoeing Pennsylvania waters became her favorite outdoor activity. When she died, her ashes were scattered in the waters of the West Branch of the Susquehanna by CC of CC members Diana, Luke, Jean, and Karin. All agreed there will never be another “”paddler” like Scamp!

In the photo, the (heavy) Grumman canoe on the far side includes Diana in bow, Scamp holding down the middle (!), and Karin in stern. Boat #41 couldn’t catch us; we “three” old gals beat all the younger women competitors!

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